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5 Fun & Easy Dog Tricks to Teach Your Furry Friend

Dogs are not only our devoted friends; they are also very intelligent and trainable animals. Teaching your dog tricks has many benefits and is a great way to keep their mind stimulated and create a wonderful bond between you and your pet. We’ll go over five simple and fun dog tricks that you can teach your furry friend in this thorough guide. Every trick will not only help your dog develop cognitively, but it will also bring you endless fun.

1. Sit and Stay: The Fundamental Trick

Woman teaching dog sit. Teaching dog tricks. Pets24.

The “sit and stay” combination is a fundamental trick that every dog should learn. It provides the basis for further training and fosters discipline:

  • Begin by holding a treat above your dog’s head and gently moving it backwards.
  • Your dog will naturally lower into a sitting position as they follow the treat.
  • Simultaneously, say the command “sit” and reward them with the treat.
  • To teach them to “stay,” extend the duration they remain seated before rewarding them.

2. Shake Hands: A Friendly Gesture

Dog doing shake command with man. Teaching dog tricks. Pets24.

“Shake hands” is a delightful and polite greeting that can be easily mastered:

  • Extend your hand towards your dog and use the command “shake.”
  • Gently tap one of your dog’s paws.
  • When they respond by offering their paw, shake it and provide a treat as a reward.

3. Roll Over: A Playful Turn 

Dog rolling over. Teaching dog tricks. Pets24.

“Roll over” is a whimsical trick that can be surprisingly simple to teach:

  • Begin with your dog in a lying down position.
  • Hold a treat near their nose and guide it in a circular motion above their head.
  • Your dog will instinctively roll over to follow the treat.
  • Say “roll over” and reward them when they complete the manoeuvre.

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4. High Five: Adding a Touch of Class

Woman and dog doing high five. Teaching dog tricks. Pets24.

Similar to “shake hands,” “high five” is an adorable trick:

  • Hold a treat in your hand at chest level and give the command “high five.”
  • Raise your hand in front of your dog.
  • Your furry friend will likely raise their paw to touch your hand.
  • Offer a high-five in return and reward them with a treat.

5. Spin Around: A Dynamic Move

Dog waiting for treat. Teaching dog tricks. Pets24.

Teaching your dog to spin around is a dynamic and charming trick that adds a touch of pizzazz to their repertoire:

  • With a treat in hand, command “spin” and guide your dog in a circular motion.
  • Praise and reward your dog when they successfully complete the spin.
  • To add variety, practice the trick in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

Teaching your dog tricks is a rewarding journey that enhances the bond between you and your furry friend. These tricks not only provide mental stimulation but also create an opportunity for positive interaction. Remember to keep training sessions short, upbeat, and filled with love. With patience and consistency, your dog will soon become a trick-performing superstar. The joy of learning flows both ways, whether you’re teaching your dog to “sit” or “spin,” and it forges an unbreakable bond between you and your dog. With these simple and entertaining dog tricks, you can make your best friend a star and set off on a journey of companionship together!

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