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5 Awesome Games to Play With Your Cat

Playing games with your cat can be a great way to bond with them and keep them mentally stimulated. Cats are known to be playful creatures. Play these five entertaining games with your feline companion.

 1  Chase the Laser Pointer

Chase the laser pointer is one of the most popular games to play with a cat. This game is simple but effective. All you need is a laser pointer and a clear wall or floor space. Watch your cat chase the laser pointer as you shine it on the ground and the wall. Chase the laser pointer is a great way to satisfy the instinct that cats love, the thrill of the hunt.

 2  Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is another entertaining game you can play with your cat. To begin, cover yourself with a blanket or other piece of furniture. Wait for your cat to locate you by calling their name. When your feline tracks you down, reward them with a treat or a scratch behind the ears. This game is incredible for drawing in your feline’s natural curiosity and hunting impulses. Additionally, it is a fun way to foster trust and strengthen your relationship with your feline companion.

 3  Catnip Time

Cats love catnip, and playing with toys made of catnip can help your cat express its playful side. Catnip toys can be purchased at a local pet store or made at home by stuffing dried catnip into a small cloth pouch. Give the toy to your feline and watch them roll around, bat it with their paws, and have a great time. Be certain not to give your feline an excess of catnip, as it can make them excessively excited or even sick.

 4  Feather Wand

The feather wand is also a fantastic game you can play with your cat. For this game, you need a long stick with a feather or other toy on the end of it. Watch as your cat pounces, jump, and swats at the feather by simply dangling it in front of them. This game can be a fun and engaging way to bond with your cat while also testing your cat’s hunting instincts. To keep your cat from getting hurt or having an accident while playing with the feather wand, keep an eye on it.

 5  Ping Pong Ball

Engaging your cat’s playful side by playing with a ping pong ball can be a fantastic activity. You can roll the ball across the floor and watch your cat chase it. This game is simple but effective, and it can keep you and your cat entertained for hours. You can also try adding a few toys or obstacles to the game to make it more difficult and fun for your cat.

You and your cat can have a good time and get something out of playing games together. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy your time together, whether you play ping pong, hide-and-seek, or chase the laser pointer. Find all the toys you need to play fun games with your cat at a pet store in our directory. If you have a dog, look at these fun games you can play with your dog indoors.



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