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Russian Kittens & Cats SA

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The Southern Africa Cat Council Registered Member.

The Russian Cat Interest Group of South Africa (RCIG) was founded in October 2012 and is affiliated to the Southern Africa Cat Council (SACC).  We are proud to be affiliated with SACC and abide by their Rules and Regulations.

First and foremost we pride ourselves on Ethical, Reputable & Responsible breeding.  The RCIG is against the practices of Backyard Breeding, Backyard Breeders (BYB), Kitten Mills, Kitten Brokers, Kitten Scams and the likes.  We will never associate ourselves with groups or individuals that practice (BYB) or are in anyway involved in scamming the public.  The three SACC Registered Russian breeders in South Africa are:-  Davante Russians, Esky Russians, and Zingara Russians.  Our retired breeders are:- Azreal Russians, Ruskia Russians, Salvia Russians, Silversheen Russians and Warwick Russians.

The above-mentioned breeders are the only, legitimately, SACC registered breeders of Russian Blues, Russian Blacks, Russian Whites and Russian Blue Spotted Tabby’s in South Africa.

Our Russian Breeders practice ethical and responsible breeding, which include:-  being raised under foot, in other words, from the moment the kittens are born, they are family members in the breeders home and receive human interaction from day one.  ENS (early neuter and spay between 11 to 13 weeks of age), as well as micro chipping, de-worming and at least 2 vaccinations, (once at 7 or 8 weeks and the second at either 11 or 12 weeks), before the kittens leave for their new homes, (carefully selected by the breeder).  Russian kittens are ready to leave for their new homes between the ages of 12 and 16 weeks.

It is of utmost importance that the Russian stays a true pedigreed breed, without becoming bastardised at the hands of BYB or irresponsible breeding.  Our breeders also stand firm against contributing to an already overwhelming problem of unwanted kittens and cats in South Africa.

Russian kittens remain with their mothers and siblings until the age of at least 12 and 14 weeks, sometimes a little longer.  No Russian kitten is permitted to go to his/her new home sooner, nor are they permitted to leave their breed home, until they are sterilized.  From time to time our breeders do select a good female or male kitten from their breeding to contribute to a specific line, look, temperament or to improve the breed for future generations.

Improving the breed is an on-going challenge.

About SACC:

“The SACC exists primarily to assist cat breeders and stakeholders in SACC by providing relevant, up-to-date information about SACC and pedigreed cats, focusing on topics related to pedigreed cats, cat shows, administration, and the organized cat fancy at large.

As the central internet hub for all things SACC, this site strives to provide important news relevant to SACC, cat breeds and the organized cat fancy, both local and international.

The Southern Africa Cat Council’s objectives include:

  • Administer the registration of pedigrees of cats and kittens
  • Promulgate the rules of the management of cat shows
  • Promote the interest of breeders and exhibitors of cats
  • Ensure the efficient co-existence of its Councils and offices
  • Promulgate rules, regulations and codes of ethics
  • Lay down standards for all Breeds in conjunction with Member Clubs, the Breed Council and the SA Council of Cat Judges
  • Promote a knowledge of Cats and Breed Standards by investigating or to assist in investigations to ensure that the breeding of cats and the showing of cats are according to the highest standards
  • Train or to assist in training of persons for the breeding, judging, show managing and stewarding of cats”

Source: The Southern Africa Cat Council

Please contact the Registrar for verification of kitten registration or if you have any queries regarding the listed breeders.

It is imperative that you do thorough research, in-person visits and request veterinary records and referencebefore purchasing a kitten.

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