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Join Pets24 in the fight against Breeder Scams & Unethical Breeding Practices

Pet owners, unite for a cause!

Your responsibility as a pet parent extends beyond your fur baby's well-being. Share your trusted breeder recommendations to help safeguard fellow pet owners from scams and unethical practices. We know that not everyone goes for the breeder route, but for those who do, we want to create a database filled with reliable and ethical breeders to help you in your search!


average amount each breeder scam victim losses*


of dogs & cats are considered strays**


frequency that breeder scam reports are made to KUSA*

Why do you need to share your breeder recommendations?

Breeder scams are rife in South Africa. Professional scammers are setting up attractive websites with puppy and kitten specials that seem "too good to be true," and they are just that! Along with breeder scammers robbing South Africans, there are numerous backyard breeders who are contributing to the massive dog overpopulation and animal cruelty problems in South Africa.

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